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Why Robo Tab?

Robots are intelligent, powerful and independent. Just like the Robo Tab Chrome extension, which provides a custom web search feature that replaces your browser’s new tab window to an extension that’s simple and effective…what else do you need from a New Tab?

By clicking ‘Chrome Extension’ below, and then ‘Add to Chrome’ on the Chrome Web Store, I am accepting and agreeing to install the Robo Tab extension, and understand that my browser new tab will be changed to that provided by the service with search results by Microsoft Bing, and the Privacy and Terms of Use.

Chrome Extension

About Robo Tab

Robo Tab replaces your new tab for your Chrome browser. Have the ability to instantly access popular social media websites and the ability to search the web right within your new tab window.

Built by Hey Browser

Who are we?

We build and monetise custom mobile and desktop browsers. Both owned & operated, and for key partners.

Our extensions are aimed to improve overall user experience, increase engagement levels and maximise revenue return based on search activity on our approved search feeds.

We provide our global partners with scalable solutions so they can achieve their user acquisition and retention goals, combined expertly with search traffic monetisation.

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Feel free to get in touch with us for any support or questions.

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